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About VoIP

VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a form of phone service that utilizes the internet as its platform. Perfectly suited for businesses and startups, this phone telephone service is the best way to maintain communication within a company. Today, VoIP is increasingly being referred to as Cloud Telephony, due to its use of the internet. Faster and better quality communication is possible with VoIP, yet setting your business up with the VoIP provider best tailored to your business’ needs is an important step in the process. By researching these top VoIP or Cloud Telephony providers of 2016, you can simultaneously weigh the pros and cons of each individual VoIP provider to see which is best suited to your business needs.

There are several subcategories of VoIP based services and many different providers to choose from! Check out our interactive and comprehensive web guide to be sure you will choose the best VoIP service for your business.

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Our Rating System

Search For Cloud rates VoIP providers based on several factors including customer service, reliability, business phone hardware, bandwidth speed, as well as other factors. Our algorithm formulates and updates a comprehensive list for businesses as well as information on basic services and premium add-on features offered by the VoIP providers. Compare and Research which one of these VoIP services are right for you and your business!

Who uses VoIP

VoIP’s cloud based communication makes it ideal for businesses of all sizes to easily and effectively communicate with its members. Business owners are the majority of users purchasing VoIP services for their offices, but homes can be setup with VoIP services as well. Researching which VoIP providers are best suited to your business phone needs can save you time and headaches on your quest to modernizing and optimizing your business. Smart business owners start with Search For Cloud.

Why Use Search For Cloud

Search For Cloud creates a quick and user friendly guide for business owners to research and review which VoIP and PBX hosted business phones are best suited for their businesses. Cloud based communication services are growing to great heights in 2016 and with so many VoIP providers out their, Search For Cloud is the ideal place to begin your VoIP journey. Find your VoIP providers here.

Premium VoIP features

Aside from the basic cloud based communication VoIP services provide, VoIP providers often offer premium, or add-on features such as Traditional Fax and IP Fax integration, phone-to-door buzz integration, “Follow Me/Find Me” Calling, Customized Music on Hold, Call Recording, Video Conferencing, and so much more! For more information on the best premium features of 2016 VoIP providers have to offer, review our favorites list.

What is Hosted PBX?

A term you may have seen used if researching VoIP is PBX hosting. This is one of the latest spin offs of cloud communications in business telecom technology. Hosted PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, operates and is maintained through Voice-over-Internet Protocol, or VoIP services. Hosted PBX is great for businesses as it “hosts” your telephone provider, or VoIP provider, allowing you to work anywhere online, keeping you close to your work at all times.

SIP Trunking

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, trunking is an internet telephony service that utilizes voice over IP (VoIP) to facilitate connection over a private branch exchange (PBX). SIP trunking delivers telephone services and Unified Communications (UC) to customers. Sounds Confusing? Well, don’t worry about it! Just review our VoIP provider list and start from there!

  • Why Choose VoIP?
    VoIP provides clear and efficient cloud based communication throughout one’s office and beyond. Stay connected with your offices devices through unified communication system and keep your business information secured and backed up through the power of the cloud. Communicate with your employees and coworkers in real time with any device in the network. VoIP makes your business run easier and more professionally. Contact one of these top VoIP providers for more information on how to upgrade your business phone services.
  • What is SearchForCloud?
    SearchForCloud does the job for you by reviewing and rating the best VoIP providers in the industry today. Save time and effort by allowing us to find the top business phone companies for your office. Choosing a VoIP line from our list allows you to cut out through the endless list of providers by choosing from these trusted services. Start your VoIP journey with SearchForCloud.
  • How Do We Rate?
    SearchForCloud reviews and compares the best quality VoIP providers through an extensive process of evaluating service quality, customer satisfaction, and many other research processes. Choose the best VoIP service for your needs by browsing through our business phone review list and see which business phone providers best suit your needs.

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