Kenyan schoolgirl standing in front of class

Cloud Communications in Education and Training

Education, like most other industries, is adapting to an increasingly technological world. Faster communication, learning & development applications, and stronger oversight all follow from these new systems. Schools and corporations are now seizing these mediums to keep their workplaces up-to-date. Find out how cloud communication can benefit your workplace too.

Laptop on desk with hardware tools

Using VoIP to Manage Your Mobile Workforce

A mobile workforce is one that is fast, synchronized, and flexible. By integrating smartphones, various VoIP apps, and other BYOD technology to the workplace, employers can create a more engaged and lax office environment. Check out how you can use VoIP to manage your mobile workforce.

a fax machine with finger on button

VoIP Reinvents the Fax Machine

Fed up with the hassle of using an outdated fax machine? They are a thing of the past. A relic. They are time-consuming, annoying to work with, and can be obnoxiously loud. With VoIP tech, businesses can integrate all their communication into one hassle free device. Now you can finally throw out that old fax machine.

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Why VoIP Is Right for Start-Ups

Looking for ways to take your start-up to newer levels? A good VoIP provider is essential to a flourishing new company, especially in today’s competitive markets. Find out how VoIP can save you money, and earn you big bucks.