2016 VoIP

The Best Cloud Hosted Providers of 2016

Best Providers of 2016

Our comparison chart below breakdown of award winning providers.




Nextiva is a rapidly growing VoIP service company with eight regional offices in the US and counting. Nextiva offers over 45 premium features including HD video calls and HD music on hold. Known in the VoIP industry for its customer service, this VoIP provider offers a mobile app and Office Pro Plus with NextOS. A game-changer in the business phone industr




Vonage began in 2001 and has gone public in 2006. The largest of all VoIP providers, Vonage has been gilded with numerous achievement awards for its services. Centered in New Jersey, Vonage provides reliable and affordable VoIP services for small and midmarket to enterprise businesses.



A global provider of large business and mobile communications, Mitel powers over 2 billion business connection and 2 billion mobile subscribers everyday. Mitel has been in the game since 1972 and has been leading the way its innovative PBX communication systems since.



Located out of Sunnyvale, California, Shoretel has been a market leader in unified communications for years. Now, Shoretel offers that same great service with Corvisa, a game changing, single-source cloud communication provider.



PCMag Editor’s choice, Fonality offers, for a limited time, a free upgrade from Professional to their Unlimited Edition page for just 19.99 a month for new customers. Offering both cloud and hybrid hosted on-premise phone systems, Fonality services over 30,000 business owners.



Turn your smartphone into a business line with Grasshopper. Avoid business phone line hardware and installation by turning your internet devices into your office communication system. A great service for new-age startup owners.