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Best Providers of 2016

Providers Features Setup Money Back Reviews Details
  • Includes 45+ Premium Add-Ons Features
  • Unlimited Call & Faxing
  • Award-Winning Customer Service
FREE 30 Days 4.9
  • Includes 40+ Premium Features
  • Integrated Mobility Features
  • Free Cancellation
  • Unlimited Call, Fax & SMS
FREE 30 Days 4.7
  • Shoretel Connect Cloud System
  • Recently Launched Corvisa System
  • On-Site Cloud
  • Hybrid IP Systems
FREE Cancel Anytime. Fees may apply. 4.4
  • Unlimited Call, Fax & Conferencing
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • MiCloud Office
FREE Cancel Anytime. No Fees. 4.2
  • Unlimited Call, Fax & SMS
  • 100-Party Conferencing
  • Same-Day Activation
FREE 30 Days 4.2
  • 60-Second ROI Calculator
  • Virtual Office Analytics
  • Magic Quadrant Services
FREE 30 Days 3.9


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Review and compare the best business telephone VoIP services from the best providers of 2016

What are the advantages to VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over IP, utilizes the internet to allow smooth and easy communication. This telecommunication technology leverages internet capabilities by establishing a Private Branch Exchange, PBX. VoIP takes your office communication capabilities to whole new levels by establishing modern, safe and secure internet-based phone lines throughout your business

The top things to look for in VoIP providers

When looking for the right business telephone provider, customers have to consider which services are best suited for their office needs. This often involves screening VoIP providers for features such as activation fees, money-back guarantees, conferencing solutions, and faxing options. Our list reviews and ranks the top VoIP providers focusing on relevant criteria as well as customer satisfaction ratings.

Our rating system

We review and rank the top VoIP providers of 2016 based on certain key factors. Our rating algorithm consists of customer feedback and user-based experiences regarding quality of service, broadband speeds/reliability, value, SIP trunking and faxing capabilities.

Guides to help choose a VoIP provider

  • What is VoIP?

    VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a form of phone service that leverages your office Internet service to make and receive phone calls. Perfectly suited for to your business and startup needs, this telephone service is the best way to maintain communication within a company. Today, VoIP is increasingly being referred to as Cloud Telephony. Faster and better quality communication is possible with VoIP.

  • Features to look for in VoIP

    In addition to reviewing VoIP providers for their service ratings, it’s crucial to consider the various features that each respective provider offers. Many of the standard features available, such as call screening, conference calling, and faxing, can be better optimized alongside premium features such as customized music on hold, voicemail-to-email transcription, or even phone-to-door buzz integration. For a more comprehensive list of these features, make sure to review our top choices of the ad-on features available

  • How VoIP works

    VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol,  is a form of PBX hosting. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network often used within companies. VoIP’s utilization of the internet through landline phones makes it ideal as a business phone service for startups and other businesses as it’s cost-effective and efficient for web users. VoIP services can either utilize on-site, cloud, or even hybrid PBX hosting. A service provider should inform you on which of these services can best benefit your business.

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  • Includes 45+ Premium Features – Works with Most IP Phones – Unlimited Calling & Faxing


  • Provisioned Internet for best quality – CRM interface integration – Unified Communications and Mobility


  • Unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada – 24×7 support and live chat – No special IP phones required

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